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The Year of the Horse!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  LYING EYES- the Rescue’s beloved alpha mare has transitioned.

LE3LE4Our hearts are heavy as we announce the death of Lying Eyes, our alpha mare, who was with us at the start of the Rescue and returned to her trainer in 2006 to live out her final days in the company of her friends there. She was 28 years old at the time of her transition on November 5, 2014 in the Washoe Valley near Carson City, Nevada. She was a registered chestnut half Arabian/saddlebred mare with a flaxen mane and tail.

LE as we called her taught me everything I needed to know as a novice horse handler with a growing herd. She organized the herd, raised the foals, protected the elderly mare, Mistanni, and protected the herd from all potentially dangerous forces.

She was beautiful, incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and always kind to humans. As her trainer once told me: “Ellie (as she called her) could be trusted with the youngest beginner and she could give a seasoned rider the ride of their life.”  A former dressage competitor LE came to us at the age of 15 and stayed for 4 years before financial challenges forced me to let her go. A part of her stayed with us all these years and after she transitioned she came to us from the spirit world and joined our healing team as one of our spirit horse guides.

LE died in her paddock during the night. Through animal communication sessions we learned she was in the company of two spirit horses we knew as White Cloud and Sailor from our time in the Upper Ojai Valley.  Another spirit horse mare was also present, possibly one of her siblings. She left peacefully and without fear. We are told she will come back to earth in the next year or so into our care again.

We honor her life and we honor her time with us in the past and look forward to working with her from the spirit world until she returns!

ANNOUNCEMENT: November 1, 2014.Our 2015 Wall Calendars are now available for purchase. $15.00 each. Order through our shopping corral via Paypal. Personal checks also accepted.


2015 Calendar Cover

ANNOUNCEMENT: We welcome Seth the Candeyman, OTTB, to Spirit of Equus Sanctuary! Age: 10. Thoroughbred. 16.2 1/2 HH and 1100 lbs.  Seth ran 51 races before he retired from the track. He tells us he loves to run…..but he is too old to race anymore. He now wants to be around the same people each day who love and care for him.  He is a healer so we are anxious to know how that will manifest itself in our world.

Seth has some pain throughout his musculo-skeletal system from his racing days.  He also has damage to his left lung which bothers him.  We are working to alleviate his chronic pain and support lung regeneration.










ANNOUNCEMENT-September 8, 2014  Dianild Horse Sanctuary Trail ride from this year’s raffle just returned from her experience.  She had a great time and would recommend it for others.  It was a 10 mile ride up the mountain, 2000 foot climb, rocky and steep.  She said the pack horses were very impressive! Here are some of her photos….of the wild ones, their base camp, views of the ranch and a powerful looking stallion.!











ANNOUNCEMENT – July 10, 2014 We have just launched a new EnergyScan called The Biomarker Profile for horses, dogs and cats.  This scan is designed as an early warning system to alert us to systemic inflammation and possible abnormal cell activity in the energy fields. Contact us at: for more information.

spiritfav15ANNOUNCEMENT – March 20, 2014. Kings Jadaan, the white Arabian gelding abandoned in the desert whom we called Spirit, transitioned peacefully on March 19, 2014.  He was 3 months away from his 33rd birthday.  His presence here brought beauty, joy and a heart full of love to the Sanctuary which he shared with a few trusted friends.  His broken life was restored, and he left this world whole and at peace. Per his communicator who was standing by as he transitioned, Spirit left this world accompanied by a silver spirit horse and blue light.  Blue was his color, and at his request his pen, mane and tail were adorned with blue ribbons on that day.  He joined his ma-mare and siblings who were waiting for him in the Spirit Horse Herd.   Spirit was the embodiment of love-his eyes reflected his incredible soul and to look into them was to see the face of God.  Spirit, we honor you!

ANNOUNCEMENT-February 19, 2014. We have added a new service for our equine friends.  In addition to providing professional animal communication sessions, we are now adding a component that will help guardians who have no information on their horse’s past: Accessing the Akashic Records.

This service can provide the following information once permission from the horse, his guardian and the Source are granted:

  •  background on a horse whose guardian has no knowledge of their past
  •  insights into a horse’s behavior, when the horse is not able to communicate due to trauma, memory loss or just doesn’t want to relive a painful event
  • it is possible to access exact foaling and transition dates, names, and locations. However, sometimes the privacy rights of another being must be respected and only generalized information is released.
  • basic information in lieu of a professional communication session
  • can validate information received through a communicator
  • quick turn around time, no need to make a future appointment with a communicator
  • has the potential to gain more information than a single communication session regarding the horse’s chronological past.

Since we always wish to give your horse “a voice” we continue to support the interactive communication session as the best means to obtain your horse’s present state, emotional and physical needs. He/she can express what he wants, what he needs, what he fears to the communicator.  This stream of information is invaluable.  However, it is only a small part of the picture of the horse. One session normally lasts about an hour.  Depending on the horse’s condition, and the style of the communicator, we will only learn what the horse is willing to share with that individual at that time.  If direct questions are presented to the horse, sometimes the answers are forthcoming, other times they are not.

Every communicator has a different style and you will find that several individuals can speak to a horse and receive entirely different information.  When we access the Akashic Records which are the energetic recordings of the horse’s past and present, the information is objective and factual.  This service is provided through Jan Meyer, our Energy Practitioner.

Doing the two sessions in tandem is highly recommended to provide the most beneficial assistance for your horse.


Horse of Light ~Cisco ~ 1981-2012

Horse of Light ~Cisco ~


ANNOUNCEMENT- January 12, 2013
Horse of Light Holistic Healing Program AVAILABLE for onsite delivery at your location.  Keep your horse at home!  Click on webpage: Horse of Light Holistic Healing Program for information.

ANNOUNCEMENT-January 12, 2013 Conversations with Cisco FREE download now available. Go to Education: Books and Courses.


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