Education: Publications

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Memoirs of 18 years with Spirit of Equus Rescue compiled by Janet Meyer, the Director.

In 2014 Spirit of Equus Sanctuary took in Seth the Candeyman, a former racehorse. With him came an influx of racehorse souls wishing to communicate with the Director. For 4 years, TB racehorses at the highest level of competition in the U.S. spoke with her daily. She offered her connections to healing and listened to their fears and their stories. She was then commissioned by one of the top racing souls to compile these communications from 12 former champions in order to enlighten those who might read them. These are the voices of Secretariat, California Chrome, Beholder, Seabiscuit and many more.

This is a collection of two years of dialogues with the soul of this California-bred racehorse. Seth provides insight into the life of a claiming TB racehorse~its isolation and loneliness as well as the thrilling moments on the racetrack.

Through a series of communication sessions, this Arabian gelding, abandoned in the desert, shares his journey back to wholeness. It was his wish that his story be told in print.

Collection of communication sessions with residents of Spirit of Equus Sanctuary.