Horse of Light Holistic Healing Program

An energy-based guided, individualized healing program for the physically challenged or undiagnosed horse.

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“I feel great. I want alfalfa. I want to play with Splash.” A.C. Session with Kings Jadaan (Spirit) following 3 months in our healing program.

Where do I go from here? This is a question the guardians of physically-challenged and “yet to be diagnosed” horses eventually ask.  Maybe we can help by offering our energy-based informational service!

We believe in the body’s innate ability- under favorable environmental conditions-to heal itself.  We also believe that the key to healing is in locating the sources of the problem, not simply treating the symptoms. By accessing the energetic fields of the horse which are a blueprint of their physical body, we can provide information about imbalances and the locations of issues.

We developed our unique evaluation tool called EnergyScans.  By taking readings on the vitality and stress levels of the organ systems, checking for toxins, infections and inflammation and following the leads to their source, we are able to provide information regarding your horse’s issues. Yes, all this information is awaiting discovery in the horse’s energy fields.

Working with your veterinarian, we can provide our informational service in person or remotely.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Instrument of Healing

We also include in our program a 30 minute animal communication session with one of our professional communicators. By giving your horse a voice, we can learn many things about his/her condition.  Your horse may also share emotional issues, mental issues, and can actually point us in a direction that leads to an improvement in health and well-being.


First, we look at the horse’s diet..…what is he eating, are all these substances compatible with his system or do his energy fields show incompatibilities affecting an immune response, a digestive intolerance or a toxin.  If the horse is eating a complex feed we check every ingredient for incompatibility.  We check all supplements, dewormers, and medications as well.

Second, we check for stored toxins in the organs, muscles, connective tissue, etc. If we encounter such stored toxins, we try to locate them and their association with their source.  Then, in collaboration with your veterinarian, we offer recommendations for compatible detoxing agents to clear them.

Third, we look for mineral, vitamin or nutrient deficiencies or over-supply.

All this information is provided to the horse’s guardian and veterinarian via email in pdf format for their reference.  We maintain an on-going relationship with the horse during its “self-healing time” checking and updating the readings as the horse improves.

Under the supervision of and in collaboration with your veterinarian, Sanctuary Director and Guided Energy Practitioner, Janet Meyer,  manages the horse’s individualized program.

What Does the Program Cost?

Preliminary consultation ~ No charge if done by email or telephone. Travel expenses only. (So California)

  • Complete EVALUATION Package $125
  • Animal Communication session ~ $25 for 30 minutes


Please contact Janet Meyer at for more information.





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