Philosophy and Mission

“To the wild ones….and to all unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused and slaughter-bound horses, we offer this message of hope…that equine angels will find them and set them free!”

“You are not alone; the centuries fight for you; eternity is your ally. You are in the keeping of the one who holds you with love that will not let you go.” Author Unknown

Institute of the Southwest is a 501(c) 3 public charity and California corporation. Spirit of Equus Sanctuary’s horse-centered philosophy has evolved over time, but its basic foundation has not changed. We are committed to:

  • Respect for the individuality of each horse and his/her emotional needs
  • Use of gentle, natural horsemanship techniques based on an understanding of prey animal and herd behavior
  • High levels of communication: verbal, physical and telepathic
  • The herd-life as one of the essential healing mechanisms for all horses
  • Providing a natural physical and energetic environment as an essential healing mechanism for stressed, ill, or traumatized horses. This includes: open spaces, varied terrain, grazing, trees, streams/flowing water, safety and security.
  • Ask, allow; approach, retreat
  • Our horses are allowed to say “no”
  • Partnerships
  • Holistic Modalities: We utilize a variety of healing modalities to support the horses recovery focusing on stress-relief, harmony and balancing energy so the horse can self-heal.

    Our treasurer Amanda Meyer and former ambassador, Cisco, now the Horse of Light.


Thou shalt fly without wings and be held in awe

Thou shalt live in your moment and be respected

Thou shalt speak your language and be heard

Thou shalt commune with your own kind and never be alone

Thou shalt graze on verdant pastures and never be hungry

Thou shalt be comforted in your pain, healed in your sickness, and in your own time, released from your distress.

Thou shalt die with dignity in the presence of love and be returned to Mother earth.

Copyright Institute of the Southwest, 2002.

 Spirit of Equus Sanctuary is opposed to horse slaughter for any reason, under any circumstances.

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