Dialogues: Guided Equine Communication

horseheavenYou are invited to a spiritual experience ~ an opportunity to get to know your equine friend in a totally new and enriching way.  Dialogues with your horse at the multiple levels we access can provide a more integrated picture of who your horse is as a soul, as well as his purpose in being in his present incarnation.

A dialogue is a conversation between two or more individuals.  Our horses dialogue with us through telepathic means sending and receiving images, thoughts, emotions as energetic information.   They can ask and answer questions, download tiny details or paragraphs of information. It depends on what the horse wishes to share….and when.  In addition to the incarnated horse, the Akashic Spirit, the horse’s higher self, spirit horse guides, and high level spirits and angels often enter the dialogue.  They provide details the incarnated horse cannot, most commonly those regarding the horse’s health, background and life plan.

It is a powerful and enlightening experience!

If you are horse-centered, or wish to be, if you would like to give your horse the greatest gift you can give–a voice through which you may honor his free will– we would love to work with you and your best friend.

THE DIALOGUES WE OFFER (Non-profit horse rescues-501(c)3 public charities receive a 50% discount on our fees)

GENERAL – OPEN COMMUNICATION SESSION:  This communication is a general “getting to know you” experience.  It is an open-ended communication depending on what the guardian wishes to learn or share.  If the horse is asking for healing during the communication, our remote energy-based healings can be included. A follow-up communication session is included.  $25.00.  Remote healings are $25-50 extra.

RESCUED HORSES WITHOUT A KNOWN PAST: Perhaps you adopted a rescued horse from difficult circumstances but do not know his background. Through our dialogue with the Akashic Records and spirit guides we can re-create the major events of the horse’s life as well as ask specific questions for the guardian.  $25.00. Remote healings are $25-$50 extra.

ILLNESS AND HOSPICE: Horses who are ill can benefit tremendously from communication sessions and they can provide information that helps the guardian and vet make the best choices in their care.  Communication during such difficult times also helps the guardian align with the horse’s wishes about when it is time to transition.  Honoring the horse’s free will is the ultimate expression of respect. Being able to integrate the horse’s earthly journey with his spiritual one provides an  opportunity to truly do what is in the horse’s best interest…to serve the greater good.  We can help you take the guesswork out of this equation. $25.00  Remote healing  is $25-$50 extra.

TRAUMA: This specialized communication and healing dialogue can be quite extensive.  A horse who has experienced a significant trauma and is having difficulty coping with his/her environment and human caretakers needs help.  Often dialogues with the horse and all of our guides as well as searching his/her Akashic Records will uncover information needed to start the healing process.  A series of energetic healings may be necessary to help the horse regain his wholeness and lead a more normalized life.  A series of communications is usually needed and this process can take several weeks.  Horses who may fall into the “trauma” category include: PMU mares, a foal that has lost her mother at a very young age, horses who have experienced human violence, trailer accidents, horses abandoned without food or water, horses who have been attacked by predators, etc. $75.00 Includes healing modalities and follow-up communications.

FEEDLOT/AUCTION RELOCATION: URGENT REQUESTS.  These situations are extremely stressful to the horse. And they most often involve emergency communications to help the horse COPE AND ADAPT. Not only does fear take over, but worry about friends left behind, a sense of betrayal or abandonment by humans he/she trusted, and most of all the unknown. Where am I going? What will become of me?

We offer both a “voice” for the horse to express his/her concerns as well as remote energy healing to support the horse through the relocation period. We like to work with the rescue or adopter and share the “plan” with the horse, such as when the hauler will arrive, how far the trip will be, and what his future home and guardian are like. This work is very beneficial for the horse. NO CHARGE.


Jan Meyer working emotionally with Sunshine, 2009,

 Fees are payable through Paypal.com at our Shopping Cart.  Services are delivered remotely.  Transcripts of all dialogues are emailed to the client.

Janet Meyer is the communicator and energy healer. She serves the equine community as an intuitive and certified equine bodyworker with 6 years experience in remote energy healing.