Education: Equine Welfare

HORSE SLAUGHTER:  Spirit of Equus Rescue is opposed to horse slaughter for any reason, under any circumstances. We advocate for any legislation that will put an end to the interstate transportation of horses into the slaughter pipeline.

June 27, 2019 Bill introduced in the Senate. The John Stringer Rainey SAFE Act would amend Title 18 of the U.S. Code to make it illegal for anyone to knowingly transport, purchase, sell, possess, ship, or receive any horse with the intent of slaughtering the animal for human consumption. The SAFE Act would also codify penalties, including fines and imprisonment, for individuals who violate the law.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Safety and Reform

HORSE RACING:  Spirit of Equus Rescue supports horse racing as a sport. As animal communicators we know first-hand what the soul of the horse who participates in this sport desires. Not only do they love to race, but they see their service as giving glory to their Creator. It is our human stewardship of these magnificent creatures that is not yet in line with the level of care they deserve.

Seth the Candeyman. OTTB ran 51 races in his 5 year career. Transitioned; March 9, 2018. We honor Seth’s racing career and his time as a healer, protector of our orphan foal and kind and gentle friend.

  • We advocate for the reform of the industry standards to include, but not be limited to, changes in training protocols, medication protocols, track safety and racing surfaces, the use of the crop, stiffer penalties for violations, breeding for bone strength, and standardized protocols across the country.
  • We advocate for more recovery time in a farm-based environment,  and daily turnout with light grazing for every racehorse.
  • We advocate for second career, aftercare, and that all former racehorses be returned to the U.S. if bred outside the country to live out their final days on the farm. 
  • We are opposed to the euthanizing of racehorses because their racing career is over or their breeding career is over.
  • We are opposed to bleeders continuing to train, race or be bred. We advocate for second careers for such horses. Thus, we advocate for the elimination of the use of lasix or other such diuretics to control exercise-induced pulmonary bleeding.
  • We advocate for any legislation that supports the principles noted above.
  • We advocate for the use of imaging techniques prior to races to eliminate the oversight of micro fractures that lead to breakdowns.
  • We advocate for the elimination of dirt tracks and development of a more effective concussion-absorbing synthetic track, and continuing the use of turf courses.

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