Dialogues: Guided Equine Communication


We provide communication services for equines in all life and after-life scenarios. Sometimes we are even privileged to receive reincarnation information once a newly departed soul has been through healing and is prepared to return to earth.

All of our work is done with the horse soul’s permission.  Ethically speaking, if the request originates with the guardian, the horse still has to agree as he has free will.  Sometimes the animal will refuse.  If we are contacted directly by the horse’s soul, we are not required to notify the guardian or share information with the guardian unless the soul requests it. The dialogue remains private until the horse’s soul wishes to share it.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT not all communications with your animal will be easy to hear.  Sometimes they are very direct and may share unhappy experiences, but if you are truly horse centered and want to do what is best for your equine partner you will listen, take in what he says, and not take it personally. Ask yourself if you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution!

Once you give your horse a voice, it is with honor that it is done, and we ask our clients to respect the messages they receive because they love and respect the messenger.  Only then will your horse begin to heal his heart, mind and soul and his gratitude to you for being his partner in the process will be eternal.

GENERAL INFORMATION: If you wish to learn something about your horse’s past, we with the soul’s permission, can access the Akashic records and higher self to provide you with information.  Or if you just want to give him a voice for whatever he wishes to share, or if you have questions to ask, we are happy to help. Fee: $40

TRAUMA– If your horse’ has just experienced trauma or his behavior indicates he is holding on to something from his past, we are available to give him a voice for sharing it so you can work more effectively with him to help him heal. We can also offer guided soul retrieval for severely traumatized horses. This is a shamanic healing modality. Fee: $40.  Shamanic Healing: Additional $25.

FEED LOT/ABANDONMENT – The greatest fear horses have in our experience is the unknown.  Where am I going? What will happen to me? Is it safe or will I be killed? Who can I trust? We can be very effective in working with a horse who is going through this stressful transition by preparing him for his transport and new home in advance. It alleviates fear and worry and improves cooperation for trailering and human interaction. Fee: TBD depending on the length of service needed. Minimum: $40.

HOSPICE – Death and dying are part of a horse’s life plan.  He does not fear it. However, he can worry about many things on his way through it, including how his humans are handling it. The horse receives spiritual counseling from his spirit helpers along the way.  It is our job to provide him with a conduit to the human side, so he can share his thoughts and feelings before he leaves with those who care for him.  Timing of euthanasia should it be required is also part of what we do. We are experienced in working with the spirit world to ascertain the correct timing, when the horse’s free will has asked to leave and those in charge of his soul’s journey in the spirit world are all in agreement that his time has come. Often they even give us a date, a time and which vet to call. This process is very freeing to the guardian. Fee: TBD depending on the length and intensity of the services needed. Minimum: $40.

MOVING TOWARD EUTHANASIA. The spirit world is full of compassion and euthanasia is accepted and condoned as a means of ending suffering once the soul’s life plan has been completed.  The leaving of one soul is truly a team effort as we have observed.  Equine spirit guides and angels minister to the horse preparing to cross over.  At the time of death, a horse spirit guide helps the soul cross over to the next dimension.  Our own spirit guide, Cisco, who oversees our Sanctuary and its programs does this type of work.

We have also learned there can be a change of course.  Sometimes circumstances change and the soul may wish to ask for an extension because there is some task or work he wishes to complete first.  If that extension is granted, everything goes on hold, until such time as the work is completed. This is the advantage of being spiritually connected to our horses, so we are informed of these things and can act in concert with their plan and wishes.


We also provide general communication services for companion animals. We DO NOT work in behavior modification areas.