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PUBLICATIONS:  Institute of the Southwest publishes its own books, monographs, articles and pamphlets on horse related topics. They are listed below. Our communication-related publications are free to download, but they are also available as bound copies for your equine library or gifts. To purchase bound copies please visit our Shopping Corral. When we receive your order and payment, we will contact you for shipping information.

As of November 15, 2017, four of our publications have been made available on and Kindle as an e-book.  Please visit and search for these titles:

SIGNPOSTS: As Revealed by the Enlightened Souls of Twelve Champion Thoroughbred Racehorses.  Paperback

Spirit: King’s Jadaan. An Arabian Journey of Hope and Healing.  Paperback

Voices from the Herd. Paperback

Seth the Candeyman: Reflections of a Racehorse.  Paperback and e-book. Free distribution of e-book allowed.

Conversations With Cisco.  (Available from us!) Horse wisdom shared with us by our ambassador, Cisco.  His soul’s journey and his view of the world and beyond are inspiring.

Bound copies are available for $10 which includes printing, binding and shipping. Just click on the link:  conversationswithcisco

Here is an excerpt:



“I would like to heal the world. I do this by meeting as many people as I can and getting the word
out….peace … and be gentle to all animals.
I came to this place (The Rescue) battered and broken and now I am healthy and strong for my age.
All we need from people is a little love and we will respond tenfold back to them.
I know many friends that have come and gone but none that have felt that being here was not worth it.
This is a hard place but there are many angels out there doing their work to save this planet.”
Conversations with Cisco


Horse Talk. This an article revealed by Cisco to Janet Meyer for the purpose of relating how some horses view other animal species in their environment. It is simple, sometimes insightful, sometimes even humorous. We hope you enjoy hearing their voices.

Excerpt from Marcy (5 YO Quarter Horse mare living in New Mexico):
There is a stream nearby. I sometimes drink from the stream. There are fish swimming around in the stream. The fish make a sound I can hear. This is their voice. It is a greeting.  It is not a warning, but an acknowledgment of my being.  I like it.  I feel welcome. They share the water with me.

Cisco and his equine soul mates thank you!

Download: HORSE TALK


1.   Equine First Aid (Downloadable)  Topics: Learn to take vital signs, tips for dealing with shock, colic, choke, snake bite, allergies and others. Alternative therapies and FLIP CHART  included.  $65.00

2.  Introduction to Equine Energy Medicine (Downloadable) Topics: Defining energy healing, exploring energy fields including chakras, meridians and aura, energy testing, hands-on healing techniques, electronically delivered energy healing.  $65.00

3.  Introduction to Equine Bodywork. (Downloadable) For the horse guardian. Topics include defining bodywork, key concepts in working effectively with the horse, scanning for issues, massage, using energy healing including acupressure and Reiki. Includes diagrams, routines to use for your horse. This is an introductory course. $65.00

 4. Spirit Wisdom Series

Building Relationship Energetically: Supporting the Prey Animal. (Downloadable) Powerful course that helps you build relationship with your equine. A path of discovery for both of you! Includes prey animal characteristics and behavior; equine body language; humans as predators; human energy and behavior; the energy in your horse’s environment; control or partnership. Real time scenarios included. OUTSTANDING COURSE!  $65.00 (Also available in workshop format)


Herd Dynamics. Experiential on site with our Sanctuary horses. Four hour observation of herd dynamics with discussion.  A wonderful experience for anyone interested in how horses interact in herd.  You will discover how the hierarchy works, how horses interact energetically and with body language.  Exercise using telepathy included.  NO FEE.

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