Flight of Angels Emergency Evacuation Unit

Currently Under Construction.

We are preparing a roughly 120 ft x 96 ft area to serve horse guardians during an emergency evacuation order. We have water to the unit and there are RV hookups at the site. A horse trailer with living quarters or RV may park next to the corral. The site has to be cleared, corral panels and shelters brought in. Our vision is of one large open corral for up to 4 horses with 2 shaders.

We are currently asking business owners to pitch in and help us build this unit, so we will be ready when fire season arrives. In return we will advertise your business on our website. Here is our budget for the unit. Prices quoted are “new”, but we are happy to accept used items: corral panels and shelters in very good and safe condition.  Same with feeders and water tubs and line posts. 


Tractor work to clear area of plants and brush and level road to gate for easy in and out for horse trailer/RV. Estimate: $250.

384 linear feet (96 x 96) of 5 ft high, 4 rail pipe corral plus one gate. New: 24 ft panels @$185 x 15 ($2775) plus gate panel at $245. TOTAL: $3020 plus tax and delivery.

Two Shaders: 8 x 12 ft roof with truss and 4 poles: $325 ea. Total: $650 plus tax and delivery.

7′ Line posts (18): $13.33 ea TOTAL: $240 to secure corral and shelters into the ground.

75 ft heavy duty hose and shut off valve: $ 45

4 feeders: Four 55 gallon drums $21 each. TOTAL: $84 plus tax.

Water containers: Two 32 gallon Rubbermaid trash can with lid $15 ea = TOTAL $30

Evacuation area to be cleared and corral erected.