Wellness Readings

We offer Wellness Readings for horses and humans. Our Director, Janet Meyer, is a medical intuitive.

This service provides the client with information about their energy fields as they relate to wellness. Feedback from the client’s energy fields (chakras, meridians, etc.) is shared with the client and recommendations are provided that support the individual’s energetic balance and good health.

Often these recommendations take the form of supplements such as herbs or homeopathic remedies readily available in the marketplace.

Identification is the key component in this service that alludes client’s when they are feeling unwell. Pointing the client in the right direction to address their own wellness is what we strive for.

We also screen for specific organism-related disorders: including Epstein-Barr Virus, H. pylori, and Hepatitis A. Horses may also contract H. pylori leading to peptic ulcers. We will screen horses for this bacterium as well.

Under special circumstances we may offer this service to companion animals.