Wellness Consulting Service

Janet Meyer, our Director, has nineteen years experience working with horses. During that time she has been certified as an equine bodyworker, become proficient in the use of the HTS system of electronically delivered energy medicine, and for eight years worked as a medical intuitive and animal communicator through the benevolence of spirit guides. Since 2010, Janet has helped hundreds of horses, companion animals and their guardians. She has also had the privilege of participating in the remote healing of wild animals when one of her guides asked for assistance for an animal in crisis.

Today, Janet offers her experience and knowledge as a holistic practitioner. She no longer provides animal communication or intuitive reading services. Her consultations are not spirit-sourced, but the result of the knowledge gained over the past 10 years from the universe’s healing system, the tools her spirit guides entrusted to her, the HTS system and hands-on experience.

One of the most important lessons Janet learned in her years in this field is the destructive nature of stored toxins. They lead to all types of dysfunction, disorders and even cancer. Awareness of what you are eating or feeding your animals, the artificial ingredients, and even some of the “natural” ingredients are critical to maintaining a balanced healthy body. All herbs can be toxic depending on the person or animal’s physiology. Monthly detoxing is important to help clear the system. Choosing the right compatible agents is key as toxins can be stored in muscles, connective tissue and organs!

Please email Janet Meyer to request a consultation or it may be ordered through our Shopping Corral. If you have questions: spiritofequus@outlook.com. Alternate email is drjmeyer1@outlook.com. Fee for this service: $25.

DISCLAIMER: The Wellness Consulting services are informational only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or disorder. These services should be used as an alternative/complementary approach to an overall view of health and wellness. Always see your veterinarian or primary care physician for health-related issues.