Epstein-Barr ~ Information

Epstein-Barr Virus.


The information herein is derived from the healing Spirit I have worked with for more than 8 years. It builds upon the information provided by The Medical Medium in 2015.  “Spirit” tells us that more mutations have occurred in the virus and there is elaboration on what causes the symptoms the medical community associates with certain disorders.

It is also underscored that a weakened immune system allows this virus to flourish.

As of May 20, 2019… the information shared with me regarding EBV is:

  • There are approximately 75 varieties of EBV that affect humans
  • There are approximately 7 varieties of EBV that affect both humans and dogs and they can be cross-infected
  • There are currently 2 varieties of EBV unique to horses
  • Currently 6 varieties of EBV that affect humans can be eliminated from the body
  • All varieties of EBV produce similar symptoms and the same toxin: formalin (also known as formaldehyde)
  • Every EBV affects thyroid function


Stage One: This is the stage where the virus is introduced into the blood stream

Stage Two: At this stage the virus may become one of two diseases: mononucleosis or what the medical community calls fibromyalgia

Stage Three: In this stage the virus settles into an organ usually the liver or spleen and nests there.

Stage Four: In this stage the virus meets its end goal to attack the nervous system


EBV works with the staph bacterium to produce symptoms associated with lupus. Lupus symptoms can also be produced by EBV working with corynebacterium or clostridium perfringens.

Tinnitus and vertigo can be caused by a strain of EBV that can be eliminated from the body.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Can be caused by a strain of EBV plus co-factor protozoan. Cannot eliminate this strain but can reduce symptoms.

Lyme disease: Primary causitive factor is a strain of EBV. It has a co-conspirator in the Borrelia bacterium. Can be eliminated from the system.

Multiple Sclerosis– My information indicates there are currently 7 causes of MS.  Six of them are retroviruses that can be eliminated from the body.  A 7th is caused by a strain of EBV that cannot be eliminated. 


We had a personal experience with a horse infected with the EBV in 2010. It attacked his spinal and peripheral nerves along his back. It went undiagnosed by the veterinary community, including U.C Davis. The horse was in so much pain he received injections in his back. I worked in collaboration with an integrative vet who introduced me to the HTS healing system. He was intuitively able to pinpoint ” a virus” as cause of the issue and provide healing options to support the elimination of the virus. The horse recovered completely.  At the time, the name of the virus was not known.  It was later confirmed to me through my healing Spirit guide that it was due to EBV.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above is for the benefit of the human community and is informational in nature only. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. I am not a physician. I serve as a medical intuitive and energy practitioner and educator. Always consult with your primary care physician or your veterinarian for health-related issues.